Firewall? We don’t need no firewall!

Firewall_BlogYou need a next generation fully featured security appliance!

If you’re still using a traditional firewall to protect your network, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to attack. Traditional firewalls are OK at preventing traffic from making it to your network. At least the traffic they can see...

Did you know that SSL protects over 72% of all traffic on the Internet?

And honestly, that’s a great thing! But can your traditional firewall see what threats are contained in that traffic? A lot of modern day firewalls can review this traffic, which is a must these days. But much of the time, these features are turned off because of the impact on performance.

Don’t hit a wall!

You don’t have to choose between security and performance.

WatchguardYou should be able to use all the features on your firewall, without crippling your performance. WatchGuard Firebox series next-gen security appliances are one of the few in the industry that publish real world throughput metrics. You’ll know ahead of time exactly what to expect for each model.

So this requires another license?


Watchguard TotalSecurity includes all the features you could need in a security appliance. It’s why we decided to partner with them in the first place. Unlike Sonicwall, WatchGuard won’t charge you for each feature you want to enable. Application Control, Web Filtering, Data Loss Prevention to name a few, are all included.

So can you just 'Set it and forget it'?

That sure would be nice, wouldn’t it? The threat landscape changes every single day. New attacks are released, new, and novel approaches at convincing your users to give up information. A fully managed security appliance, with centralized monitoring and support, puts your organization worlds ahead in protecting your company.

Ask us how we can help protect you and your company!

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