What is IT Infrastructure?

infrastructure-1What exactly is IT Infrastructure?

Technology changes almost daily and with that businesses need to be willing and able to be flexible with their IT Infrastructure. We all know that all issues within your business's technology can be crucial, and we suggest asking yourself, can my practice or business afford to be offline for a day, or even an afternoon? From servers and firewalls to routers and switches our high-touch infrastructure offerings implement a customized solution built specifically for you.

  1. Are you looking to implement technology into that new business you just started? Or maybe you currently have the technology you need in your business, but would like to guarantee you have the latest and greatest to run effectively with continuous support the moment an issue may arise. 
  2. In this post we will be covering why it is important to have proper Infrastructure as well as what to expect when seeking assistance on the technology in your Infrastructure.

Why is a proper IT Infrastructure environment important?

As you and your business grow, so does your risk of a cyber security attack. Ransomware attacks are gaining popularity. Global cyber insurance provider Beazley reported a 37% increase in ransomware attacks in the third quarter of 2019 compared to the previous quarter. Particularly worrying is that a staggering 25% of all incidents were against MSPs.

Almost all small to medium sized businesses start with the bare essentials starting up when it comes to computers, communication systems, servers, routers, and laptops. This is expected, but as you grow as a business so should your technology. Your IT Infrastructure is one of the pillars to a smooth and efficient operation. Assuring that your IT Infrastructure is functioning the way it needs to will not only benefit you, but your employees, business, and clientele as well.

What can you expect with N-Tech Infrastructure?

  1. Server Management
  2. Network & Firewall Security Monitoring
  3. Wireless Access Point Management

At N-Tech, we will consult with you personally to develop a custom Infrastructure solution that fits not only your practice and business, but your current technology environment as well. N-Tech guarantees your Infrastructure can be implemented with minimal disruption and ease.

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