What is Cloud Services?

CloudServicesWhat exactly is Cloud Services?

Offering hybrid model continuity plans or strictly cloud based applications and back-up solutions, we’ll consult with you to develop a fully customized solution that fits your business. Our team ensures your cloud implementations go as smoothly as possible with all necessary applications and back-up systems in place to properly meet your ever growing IT needs.
  • If you have been second guessing whether or not your business needs a Cloud Based Backup Solution, this article will affirm why it is essential for not only your day-to-day but your clientele as well.
  • If you own a dental practice or operate a business where you have client and or patient information, don't risk the chance of loosing important data. 
  • In this article we we will covering: Why a Cloud Backup Solution is important, and What to expect with a Cloud Services Solution through N-Tech Consulting.

Why is a Cloud Backup Solution important?

Having a reliable solution to back up not only your practice’s data but your patients’ PHI is essential in the event of a disaster. You would be lying to yourself if you say you've never made a mistake, especially with today's ever changing technology. It can be easy to accidentally misplace or delete important information or files. A cloud backup solution will guarantee that whether it be human error or a natural disaster, N-Tech will properly and effectively ensure that your information and data is safe. 

What can you expect with Cloud Services Solutions through N-Tech Consulting?

Offering three reliable solutions that all ensure secure backup and recovery, our Enterprise, Datto, and StorageCraft solutions will guarantee all your data is secure and accessible within your secure environment.

Datto protects your business systems and data against disaster. Our services provide automated local backups on robust hardware purpose-built for data protection and replication to the secure cloud. If an outage occurs, users can boot virtual machines directly from the local device or in the cloud.

At N-Tech, we will consult with you personally to develop a custom backup solution that fits not only your practice and business, but your current technology environment as well. N-Tech guarantees your cloud implementations are hurdle free.

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