N-Tech & WDA Insurance and Services Corp new approach to dental IT


We are proud to announce a new partnership between N-Tech Consulting and WDA Insurance & Services Corp. This joint partnership will support Dental, Orthodontic & Specialty practices in the surrounding Wisconsin counties. This partnership will provide dentists support capabilities for everything from desktop and hardware management to data backups.  

N-Tech is a well-versed technical team which with years of experience supporting both large-scale and local corporations. With a partner-first mentality, our teams will work closely with you to focus on areas that drive your business forward. By understanding where you are today, we assist in identifying goals for tomorrow and develop plans to get you there.

As a Microsoft Partner, N-Tech is a top choice in leveraging the power of Microsoft products and services. When looking to drive collaboration and innovation within your organization, our team can help you find the solution that fits your business best. Our goal is to equip your business with the appropriate knowledge and education on technology and forthcoming dental changes.

With our partner WDA Insurance & Services Corp.  we are proud to announce DenTech Complete.  DenTech Complete provides two different packages to protect your practice.

Den Tech Complete Premium

While data back-up and encrypted email services are essential components of cyber risk management, we believe that a more robust approach is necessary. We offer safeguards to protect against ransomware and offer faster solutions to bring your practice back online in the event of a security breech.  To ensure you are less vulnerable to security breaches and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.  DenTech Complete Premium will encompass the best of breed security and HIPPA compliant compute solutions. This offering of services includes an employee cybersecurity training program and the opportunity to qualify for cyber insurance at a discounted rate.

Den Tech Complete Essential

This package will include on-site back-up service with cloud support for up to 2TB of storage and encrypted email services. These services include Hybrid Back-Up with and On-Site Device, Ransomware Detection and Notification, and Quicker Restoration Times with the Fastest Fail Time Objective (FTO) available. 

We are thrilled to announce these offerings and look forward to discussing them with you. 

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