Why SentinelOne is the best antivirus for your practice


Technology advances more rapidly with each year, and traditional signature based anti-virus programs just don’t cut it anymore. In the day of big data breaches, cloud connectivity, and network vulnerabilities a better solution is called for.

Traditional anti-virus programs were basically reactive. They would sit watching your computer for a known action or file to be found and THEN try to stop it. This is fine, if you already know about all the attacks taking place.

In 2017 there were 360,000 new malware threats released every day, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon...

If even just one percent of those new threats aren’t in your anti-virus signature, infection isn’t a matter of if, but when. Utilizing a next generation anti-virus like SentinelOne you can be proactive, not reactive. By evaluating activity in both kernel and user space, machine learning, and things like out of band monitoring you get ahead of the bad guys.

Virus and Malware protection is one game where rapid strike capability is huge. Pundits will discuss things like “dwell time” or the number of days a threat stays active until detection and resolution. With SentinelOne real-time monitoring and forensic analytics those threats are “zapped” as soon as they occur.

Business detections of malware rose significantly in 2018, by 79% over prior years, primarily  due to backdoors, cryptominers and spyware.

Detection alone isn’t enough anymore, you need automatic remediation too. SentinelOne allows for automatic rollback of any threats. That’s one of the major reasons we selected it actually. Well that, and their first ever industry Cyber Threat Protection Warranty.

SentinelOne’s cyber threat protection warranty provides customers with up to $1 Million per company if they’re unable to block or remediate the effects of a ransomware attack.

Let us help you protect your business from these ever increasing attacks!

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