Securing a remote workforce during COVID-19

Why deploying SentinelOne’s Endpoint Protection Plan is the best choice.


Since the World Health Organization declared global pandemic caused by COVID-19 on March 11th we’ve only begun to see the start of challenges businesses across the state of Wisconsin are facing in order to adopt a remote-based workforce. Even more so in the past week since governor Tony Evers ordered a statewide moratorium on events with 10 or more people. With an increasing threat becoming more and more real, businesses across the state are in need of a solution to embrace a remote workforce.

However, the pressure put on organizations in transitioning their staff to remote-based work can cause real cybersecurity issues. Now, more than ever, businesses need to consider their infrastructure’s security. After all, a pandemic of this caliber only makes it easier for cybercriminals to cash-in on a scrambling organization’s vulnerabilities.

To further protect our clients and thwart off cybercriminals during this unfortunate epidemic, we have begun deploying SentinelOne, a service designed to identify and prevent cyberattacks autonomously.

How It Works

The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) focuses on protecting your business through the endpoints, or more plainly, any device that is physically an ‘endpoint’ on a network; i.e., laptops, desktops, or servers.

A single agent, or program, is installed on all workstations and servers that will detect and prevent attacks. However, rather than using signatures, S1 focuses on behavior blocking through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Because of this, the platform is able to prevent malware from spreading along with autonomously removing files and revert hardware back to known states.

Additionally, being a cloud-based service, S1 is extremely scalable, making it particularly useful for protecting businesses looking to transition to a remote-based work environment quickly.


From the looks of it, COVID-19 is likely going to be with us for a little while longer. And while it may offer an easy pay-day for cybercriminals targeting scrambling businesses, counter solutioning to prepare for a secure remote-based workforce rapidly is available. In a time like this, there are always going to be mistakes and or risks involved with preparing. The security of your networks, hardware, and data, however, should not be one of them.

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