Adopt a Security-First Mindset with DenTech Complete

All businesses worry about data security, and those that must meet compliance requirements even more so. It can be paralyzing to sort through the articles and ads, screaming that a single data breach could both financially cripple your business and ruin your reputation. As a dental practice owner, your problem isn’t a lack of awareness of the threats but a lack of resources to get secure and stay compliant. We recommend adopting a security-first approach and ingraining cybersecurity methodologies into your practice. 

Compliance standards and regulations attempt to establish best practices for data security. Using a security-first approach to compliance strengthens your information stance while easing your compliance burden. Security-first is a mindset. In every business decision, your first question should be, “how does this impact our security?” You need to take a holistic approach to your practice’s security and never make it an afterthought.  

It can be tough to adopt this mindset and put it into fruition, and you might not even know what to consider when evaluating security impacts. We can help.

We created DenTech Complete in partnership with the Wisconsin Dental Association Insurance & Services Corp to offer dental practices the IT support and resources necessary to stay up and running, secure, and compliant. With our DenTech Complete Premium platform, we get you secure from every possible angle with:

  • HIPAA Compliant encrypted email
  • Datto’s business continuity and data backup / recovery
  • SentinelOne’s next-generation antivirus and threat protection 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication to strengthen your password-protected information
  • WatchGuard’s firewall and traffic management to block bad traffic
  • Email phishing training and testing to keep your employees vigilant
  • Microsoft Cloud app security to ensure your information is staying secure

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your dental practice’s security and compliance, give us a call. You can book an introductory call with us anytime here. We can help remove the guesswork from security and compliance and give you time back to devote to your patients.

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