The Marketing Strategy Behind Geofencing

What is Geofencing and How Can it Help_Odds are, you have heard of geofencing or have experienced it at some point in your life.
What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a marketing strategy used by several businesses. Think of it like this, the businesses set up a virtual boundary (don’t worry the virtual boundary is completely invisible) around an area where they believe their target customers are. Once a target customer enters the boundary, they are able to target their ads and promotions towards you. Typically, businesses set up geofences around a specific business or event. For example, American Eagle is having a sale and they set up a text that sends when a potential customer enters the geofenced area.

Why does my business need to use geofencing?
There are several ways geofencing can benefit your business:
  1. Most people these days spend time on their phone and with geofencing, it’s an easy way to reach and connect with them. If they are within your geofenced area, they will receive a message or ad about your product or service!
  2. Growing brand awareness is important and with geofencing you can reach repeat and potential customers.
  3. Using this tactic allows you to attract visits to your location.
  4. If a customer leaves your location, you can send them a survey, which will give you a better insight on your business and their experience.
  5. You could snatch some of your competitors' customers by offering a better deal.
  6. Geofencing makes it easy to retarget customers who have visited your location or competitor's location.

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